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In Hue, the mesmerizing tombs and mausoleums of the last emperors of Vietnam reveal fascinating insights into the lives of the imperial families and their subjects.

The ancient citadel reflects the pomp and ceremony of the dynastic rulers as well as the scars of many years of turmoil, both ancient and modern (the Royal Citadel was badly damaged in the latter stages of the war). Yet, it still retains a sense of grace and majesty even today. Modern Hue is a delightful city of wide boulevards and period buildings set in a picture-postcard landscape.

The countryside of Hue is a mini Vietnam with traditional rural villages which are mostly unchanged over the last few hundred years.

Meanwhile, the natural landcapes are breathtaking scenes which make you WOW as the imposing Bach Ma National park or the tranquil Tam Giang lagoon.

The province features a well-balanced blend of imperial heritage and folk culture. Complex of Hue Monuments has been recognized as a World Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO since December 1993, Hue Royal Court Music (Nha nhac) has been declared as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage since November 2003.