The Quang Binh province in Central Vietnam is quickly developing the reputation as the adventure capital of Southeast Asia.

Gargantuan limestone caverns beg exploration beneath the UNESCO World Heritage listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Hordes of tourists are flocking to the area to venture inside these ancient caves. Now more exciting activities are available for those searching for more pursuits on the surface.

One such experience is mountain biking in Phong Nha, which offers a mix of tough off-road trails, rural surroundings, historic sights and enchanting scenery.

Before signing up a tour with our Phong Nha Adventure Cycling, following are some reasons to let you know where is Phong Nha and why you should not miss Phong Nha if you are a true traveller: 

•World’s Biggest Cave – HANG SON DOONG filming by National Geographic in January 2011
•Good Morning America ABC NEWS live broadcasting the show from HANG SON DOONG in May 2015
•King Kong filming location in Feb 2016 (for the “Kong – Skull Island” released in Mar 2017)
•Oscar winner Movie star Brie Larson visited in Feb 2016 (casted as Weaver in “Kong – Skull Island)
•Over 300 caves founds last 26 years
•King of the Cave Kingdom – mr. HO KHANH, who first found Hang Son Doong and many other caves, now living at his riverside homestay along with his lady who makes the best chocolate coffee in this little town

* And we need you to make Phong Nha more adventurous!